Vakıf İpekhan İstiklal Caddesi Mis Sokak No:1 Beyoğlu 34435 İstanbul – TÜRKİYE


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With History and Beauties

Legendary city

Istanbul is a metropolis which has a settlement history over 300 thousand, urban history over 2500 years, capital to three world empire, and where people with various race, language and religion lived together… The only city which is built upon two continents where Asia and Europe continents are separated with the narrow sea pass “Bosphorus”.

Beyoğlu is the home for many famous places such as Lebon Patisserie and embassy buildings, Saint Antoine Church and Galatasaray High School, “Mısır Apartmanı” and “Çiçek Pasajı”. It is the inspiration for artists, rendezvous point for art-lovers, heart of the shopping places.

Enjoy Beyoglu

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